marine biology

Shifting Baselines: Understanding the Past to Manage for the Future

Marine ecology is a young science, with few descriptive studies extending back for more than a century. Thus, until recently, marine ecologists have tried to explain patterns of distribution and abundance based on short-term experiments and ‘real time’ observations. This short-sightedness has resulted in studying ecological states that were already degraded, yet believing that they More…

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Arabian Gulf Sharks: Conservation Needs and Implications

I have always had an affinity for the ocean. Growing up on my father’s rickety old boat, it was my favorite place to be. He at the stern, and I at the bow, we would fish for hours on the Arabian Gulf. Between my scrawny legs was a palm-woven basket brimming with the day’s catch. More…

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The Hidden Treasures of Kuwait’s Mudflats

When you hear the word mudflats the first thing that occur to your mind is a sticky and awfully smelling shores that has no beauty to observe or value to admire. But when you pay a closer attention to its hidden details you realize that you are missing on a treasure. Mudflats are wave protected More…

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Coral Reefs – Kuwait’s ‘Rainforests of the Sea’

Coral reefs are regarded as the living museums of the seas. Not only do reefs have a diverse range of corals in all hues and forms, they also sustain and nurture an ecosystem distinct with a wide variety of fish, most of which can only be found amongst reefs. Reefs occupy less than one tenth More…

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Sustainable Utilization of Kuwait’s Marine Resources

Much before the discovery of oil, Kuwait for long depended on its marine ecosystem as a main source of livelihood. Local communities mastered the skills of responsible fishing which were passed down through generations. Not only was the sea a source of income and food, but also saw the growth of the pearl industry. Several More…

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red tide

When Waters Turn Red

An overview into the causes, impact and management of the Red Tide Phenomenon Every few seasons, the pale-azure waters along the Bay of Kuwait turn an ominous red. Dense masses of green and purple algae form a thick blanket atop the sea, blocking out vital sunlight and depriving the waters of life-giving oxygen. Schools of More…

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