Al Yaal
In April of 2011, en.v launched a dedicated incubator Marine Conservation Program entitled “Al Yaal”, under the mandate of preserving and protecting the marine environment of Kuwait which came to a close after 3 years in 2014.

Voice for Success
Voice for Success aimed to promote social activism in Kuwait by giving promising young activists greater visibility through targeted media platforms and campaigns throughout the course of 2011 and 2012.

en.v Publication
As a 2 year pilot program, en.v  launched a quarterly publication in 9 Arab Countries in 2008 which succeeded in reaching out to educators and youth and readily made vital information on social issues available for them to learn from, think and question for themselves.

Arij, a paper recycling and art cooperative for underprivileged women in Lebanon, was established in 2011 with an ultimate goal to create a proactive and empowered community of women who would become the primary owners and direct beneficiaries of the program.