Creating the Next Generation of Arab Innovators


With the current instability plaguing the MENA region, one demographic is being watched with intent, and that is the young Arab demographic, which makes up 32% of the overall Arab population. Forty percent of all MENA graduates are unemployed, and overall unemployment rates hover at about 14%, one of the highest in the world. Dubai-based Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE) was launched in 2015, as one of the world’s largest family-funded philanthropic education initiatives and an undertaking of Emirati business mogul Abdulla Al Ghurair. Al Ghurair announced that he would be donating one-third of his personal wealth to providing scholarships for an estimated 15,000 students from across the MENA region to fill the gap for skilled youth in the private sector. Currently, the foundation runs three programs, one of which is focused on helping Arab youth continue their higher education journey.