Creative Minds for Social Good Workshop I – Call for Participants


Kuwait, 22 Oct 2017: As extremism and divisive narratives continue to provoke fear, instability and hostility across the region and the world, en.v is advancing a program called ‘Creative Minds for Social Good’ (CMSG) to try to address the issue via creative means. The CMSG program will graduate 12 Ambassadors for Peace and Tolerance from Kuwait over the course of the next year. Selected participants will each be mentored to lead individual social media video campaigns to counter violent extremism and hateful discourses through alternative positive messaging.

The program includes the implementation of two workshops, the first to take place in December 2017 and the second in May 2018, which will provide selected participants with the opportunity to develop powerful social media video campaigns through a combination of training and one-on-one mentorship from leading designers, directors and producers, with a focus on conceptualization / messaging, creative direction and development, dissemination and outreach, and monitoring and evaluating impact. Following each workshop, successful participants will be awarded grants of up to 5,000USD each to bring their concepts to life. Arabic should be the primary language of all 12 campaigns.

To apply to become an en.v Ambassador for Peace and Tolerance please fill in this application form. Participants will be assessed based on their commitment to address extremism, sectarianism, and intolerance, as well as on their campaign concepts and previous experience in community projects and / or social media campaigns. Aspiring designers and creatives, as well as activists and social entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Applications for the December 2017 workshop must be submitted by the deadline of November 15, 2017.

Please direct your questions to:

Whatsapp: 99477149

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