Dubai Recycles 50,000 Gallons of Cooking Oil Everyday


Fried foods aren’t just bad for your heart – the fats, oil and grease they are cooked in can also be detrimental to the environment every time the slimy liquids are poured down the drain and end up clogging municipal storm sewers and local waterways. Every single day, 14,000 eateries across Dubai discard roughly 80,000 gallons (302,832 litres) of cooking fats, oil and grease, enough to fill 1,600 average-sized bathtubs. But thanks to a public-private partnership called Envirol inked in 2006 between Dubai Municipality and Blue — an eco firm owned by Al Serkal Group — up to 50,000 gallons (189,279 liters) of the contaminated greasy waste in Dubai are being collected from 7,000 eateries and transported to Blue’s recycling plant in Al Warsan. For every gallon of oil and grease recycled, that’s one less gallon being dumped in Dubai Municipal landfills and the city sewer system, lessening the threat of it permeating groundwater or making its way into the sea.