Emkan Education – Women Taking on Saudi’s Education Sector


“Saudi Arabia does not have a fund for educational projects,” says Basma Bushnak, cofounder of Emkan Education, a startup that aims to offer various educational services, such as curriculum planning and teacher training. “Schools tend to think that if you have a company, you’re after their money,” she adds.  This false impression, added to the difficulty of doing business as a woman, has not stopped the three cofounders of Emkan. Now, they have Madarisna, an application to search for schools and evaluate them, and Aanaab, a marketplace for teachers to exchange their digital tools. Madarisna currently has 2,500 users, and it is free for both schools and parents, although there is also a paid service available for schools to be able to control their accounts and send notices to students and their parents. One of the main benefits of these tools is that a lot of data which was previously unavailable is being generated and could inform future projects and policies.