One of en.v’s key concerns from its inception has been to promote environmental sustainability in the MENA region. Environmental issues in the Arab world have often been ignored and overshadowed by other socioeconomic and political concerns. The amount of problems the region faces due to climate change include, but are not limited to, the degradation of coastal areas, increased urbanization, and desertification. Any escalation can and will cause further destabilization of the precarious situation of the region, which is why more efforts must be spent on alleviating the effects of climate change.

Kuwait faces a myriad of environmental challenges ranging from waste management, high CO2 and SOx emissions per capita and degrading desert and coastal habitats. To fix these problems promptly, Kuwaitis need to develop a stronger environmental culture. Indeed, Kuwaitis are already one of the highest per capita consumers of electricity in the world. While the hot summer climate is a key reason for high consumption levels, many things can still be done to save energy and protect Kuwaiti ecosystems.

Through the funding of key environmental programs and the creation of its own programs, en.v seeks to spread awareness about the most important strains on the environment in the region and contribute to the amelioration of the adverse effects of climate change. 

List of Programs