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en.v (a subsidiary of El Boutique Creative Group www.elboutique.com) is an initiative dedicated to promoting social responsibility in the Arab world.  

• Through a multi-faceted approach, The en.v Initiative seeks to further and support the research and development of individuals and organizations in the fields of education, environment and capacity-building.

• We hope to nurture the development of a new kind of citizen in the Arab world – one who is alert, aware and conscious of the effects his or her decisions and actions have on society at large and on the environment as a whole.

• The en.v Initiative strives to instill a social consciousness that will communicate into the adaptation of responsible, sustainable lifestyles and private sector opportunities for the betterment of society as a whole.

• Our principle is to further our achievements as a society, as citizens, and as people. The en.v Initiative aspires to group and gather together individuals, organizations, and corporations with similar goals of philanthropy, sustainability and development.

en.v disseminates all content via an interactive (bilingual) online news portal and archiving system. The portal features a diverse array of functions for users to interact with and share their own content and opinions online. en.v further generates awareness through its social media platforms and targeted / bilingual media awareness campaigns.

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