Nawaya Network – Helping At-Risk Arab Youth


The Nawaya Network aims to connect promising disadvantaged youth with mentors, businesses, and institutions, to help them pursue skills or passions that would otherwise go unnoticed. They believe that by enabling at-risk youth to pursue their passions, they will be less likely to engage in violence, crime, and drug-use. The Nawaya Network is a new non-governmental, non-discriminative non-profit organization that discovers hidden potential, connects youth to worldwide resources, and empowers future generations. They operate by deriving youth from pre-established NGO partners, and connecting them to local resources (such as classes, workshops, mentorship sessions) provided by partners, individuals etc. They introduced the Nawaya Impact Lab training program, in partnership with UNICEF in August 2016. So far they have trained 300 youth beneficiaries from over seven different locations around Beirut.