STAND is a capacity-building program for local civil society organizations first launched in 2013  and developed in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) through an international organization, PARTNERS (PDC), and implemented in collaboration with local NGOs.

REUSE is en.v’s core eco-friendly living program for the community. Launched as an annual event in 2008, since 2013, the REUSE program is an ongoing initiative that includes a wide span of interactive and educational activities focusing primarily on youth empowerment, advocacy and capacity-building. It engages a variety of stakeholders from the public, private and civic sectors to foster an appreciation of local environmental challenges and to promote sustainability.

Capacity-Building Initiatives
en.v organizes workshops and trainings outside of the scope of our programs as part of our continued efforts to build the capacity of civil society initiatives, private sector institutions, educators and youth in the field of social responsibility.

n-mu is a program developed by en.v in partnership with the Eurasia Foundation and the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX) to promote constructive youth engagement in Kuwait. The program aims to promote active citizenship through critical reflection, dialogue and action, equipping youth with the skills and resources needed to make a positive impact in their communities through a combination of training and funding.