Palestinian activist launches initiative to provide free medicine for Gaza poor

Palestine free medicine

A Palestinian activist in the Gaza Strip has launched an initiative to provide free medicine and medical treatment for poor patients in the besieged territory. Adel Zo’rob, 46, said that the Seed of Goodness initiative appeals to people to donate medicines and medical treatment and other medical services for patients who cannot afford them. In an interview with Quds Press, Zo’rob explained that the idea for the scheme emerged almost a year ago when he appealed through his Facebook account for people to donate medicine for one needy person. “The appeal received good reactions and many people contacted me to donate the medicine and cover the treatment costs, including surgery which the patient needed at the time,” he explained. Zo’rob said that he wants to expand the initiative by creating a pharmacy that provides necessary medicine for the poor free of charge. Seed of Goodness has helped 1,500 patients this year, by providing medical treatment, medical supplies and wheelchairs.