Promoting Collaborative Initiatives for Women’s Empowerment

Posted on : 30.01.2018


Kuwait, 28th January: In light of the headway made towards gender equality in Kuwait, and the ongoing efforts to increase the involvement of women in public life, en.v and its partners are launching a new program entitled Manara. This 18 months-long initiative aims to prepare Kuwaiti women for assuming leadership roles, and build their capacity and that of civil society to successfully campaign for women’s rights.

As part of this program, en.v’s partners, Ibtkar and PartnersGlobal, will be conducting an international leadership training program which will target a select number of emerging women leaders. Concurrently, en.v will develop the capacity of civil society organizations through a series of workshops, training, and funding opportunities.

The first series of workshops which takes place at the end of March aims to build on the potential and expertise of civil society leaders and public figures working on women-related issues. The workshops will further enhance participants’ skills and knowledge in public speaking, advocacy and lobbying strategies, campaign logistics, coalition building and group dynamics, as well as strategic planning, and lay the ground for forming a women-centered advocacy network. During the six days of workshops, participants will collectively identify the most pressing issues faced by women in Kuwait today, and collaboratively develop advocacy campaigns to address them.

In a second phase, en.v and its partners will hold a Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop which will ensure the sustainability and continual impact of the coalition network, and a training for male allies on how to best support gender equality and initiatives for positive change.

The program will round off with two public forums to engage additional stakeholders in the discussion and increase visibility for the efforts of women leaders and civil society advocating for women’s empowerment.

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