STAND Launches Series of Panel Discussions to Promote Youth Engagement in the Civic Sector

Posted on : 21.09.2016


After delivering over 200 hours of training to 16 local non-profits over the last four years and giving out close to 300,000USD in grants, the STAND (Support for Training, Advocacy and Networking for Development) program is coming to a close.

However, it is going out with a bang, with a series of three exciting panel discussions which will be taking place in leading universities across Kuwait during the month of October. The panels will feature a number of organizations that have participated in the program through the years, such as INJAZ-Kuwait, K’S PATH, Abolish 153, Equait, Deera, Project 189, Sout Al Kuwait, Birth Kuwait and FSRI, and will touch on different aspects related to youth and non-profits, with a focus on the potential for employment and entrepreneurship in the social impact sector.

Come find out about opportunities, challenges, dos and don’ts from those who have done it before at one or all of the following events:

Shaping the future: Starting your own social initiative / NGO
October 3rd at 12.30pm @ Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), W1-010, in partnership with the Global Studies Center.

Moderator –
Dr. Fahad Al Sumait

Panelists –  
Faisal Al Fuhaid (EQUAIT / Cross-Cultural Diwaniya)
Haytham Al Hawwaj (Deera)
Jumana Al Othman (Fursa)
Heba Al Ali (Birth Kuwait)

Non-profits as drivers for just and sustainable development
October 5th at 12.30pm @ Kuwait University, Global Hall (College of Social Sciences, Shuwaikh Campus), in partnership with the Women’s Studies and Research Center.

Moderator –
Dr. Lubna Al Qazi

Panelists –
Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh (Abolish 153)
Dr. Elham Al Hamdan (FSRI)
Rana Al Nibari (INJAZ)
Abdullah Al Khoneini (Sout Al Kuwait)

Show me the money: Finding paid employment and professional growth in the non-profit sector
October 11th at 6pm @ the American University of Kuwait (AUK), Auditorium,  in partnership with the Gulf Studies Center.

Moderator –
Dr. Farah Al Nakib

Lina Al Qaddoumi (STAND Trainer)
Eleanor Burton (CERC)
Lama Al Ghannam (Project 189)
Fatima Al Sabah (K’S PATH) 

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STAND is a regional program developed by international NGO PartnersGlobal in partnership with en.v, and funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). First launched in late 2012, the program aimed to build the capacity of the local civil society sector through the provision of training, advocacy and networking opportunities.