Strengthening the civil society sector in Kuwait through advocacy and networking

Posted on : 23.09.2017

Community Meeting Collage
Kuwait, 23 September 2017: A meet-up of Civil Society Organization (CSO) representatives took place on 18 September in an attempt to promote greater strategic coordination and communication amongst non-profits in Kuwait. The event was hosted by en.v, a local organization promoting social development and civic engagement in the Middle East, and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), a German donor, think tank and consulting agency, as part of their Promoting & Advocating for Civic Sector Enhancement (PACE) program. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the civil society sector in Kuwait through various initiatives geared towards increasing its collective impact and recognition amongst public and private stakeholders.

Held at Dar Hamad, over 60 individuals representing 32 different organizations from the non-profit sector working in a variety of areas of social development participated in the meeting. Together, they sought to address sector-wide challenges and the means to tackle them through the development of networks and coalitions. The meeting was held as a follow up to two workshops, the first conducted in May and the second on 16 & 17 September at Al Shaheed Park, during which a total of 22 CSOs worked together to develop action plans to address issues commonly faced by organizations within the sector. The action plans were then presented at the Monday meeting in order to get feedback and buy-in from the rest of the CSO community. As a result of the event, four coalitions have taken shape around the following themes: strengthening communication between CSOs; raising public awareness of the role and work of CSOs; the creation of a collaborative research committee to promote better needs and results-oriented programs; and finally, the development of a formal network structure amongst CSOs in Kuwait.

en.v and KAS have offered to support the work of these coalitions through the provision of initial seed funding which will enable the organizations to jump-start their collaborations. This cooperation stems from an understanding that the development of a sector-wide network with mutually agreed upon standards for transparent and accountable operations would increase public trust and understanding of CSOs and the role they have to play in the country’s development. This represents only the beginning of en.v’s efforts to promote the creation of action-oriented CSO and cross-sector networks for social development.

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