UAE Students Develop ‘Magic’ Carpets That Generate Electricity


“Magic” carpets that generate electricity each time a person steps on them could be rolled out at public places across the country. Developed by a team of four graduates at UAE University, the carpets are made of a piezoelectric material that creates a charge when subjected to mechanical stress, or each time someone walks or runs across them. The more people stepping on the carpets, the more clean, green power is created, making them ideal for busy places such as malls, metro stations, airports and schools, said engineering student Hamda Al Derei. “The more crowded the place, the better, although in the future with the development of this technology we may be able to design floors for less crowded places,” she said. As well as creating electricity that can be fed back into a building to power lights and air conditioning, the carpets could be used to encourage people to be more active and create more awareness of the importance of green energy.