Uniting Egypt’s Women Entrepreneurs


Egyptian women are entrepreneurial powerhouses, and Rasha Abu AlSaud has been working for the last three years to link them all. In 2015 Abu AlSaud launched the Women Entrepreneurs of Egypt network in 2015, after organizing a successful day for female entrepreneurs the year before, dedicated to creating events, collective funding campaigns, and women-led projects. The network now has 1,200 members and holds an independent annual event, drawing women who’ve launched their own businesses in fields from textiles to ecommerce. Abu AlSaud was encouraged to forge links between women entrepreneurs thanks to the high profile examples on show in the country. Rana El Kaliouby attracted $14 million in investment last May for her company Affectiva; Mona Al Khodairy is breaking stereotypes in Upper Egypt building a biogas startup; Amira Azzouzz founded one of the region’s leading fashion websites, Fustany; and Yasmine El-Mehairy transformed her website Supermama from a small site for mothers, to a highly successful ecommerce company.