Creative Minds for Social Good (2017-2018) 
A program to increase the capacity of creative voices in the Middle East and North Africa to disseminate compelling online content that counters violent and divisive narratives and promotes peace, tolerance and positive alternatives through a series of workshops, mentorship and funding opportunities.


Educating for Sustainability (2017-2018) 
A pilot program that aims to build the capacity of local educators and civil society leaders to engage Kuwait’s youth in participatory research projects aimed at environmental protection and sustainability.


PACE (2016-Ongoing) 
A program to enhance the impact of local advocacy and development initiatives by improving civil society’s visibility and legitimacy, and by mitigating the challenges of limited financial and human resources currently faced by local CSOs through increased collaboration.


n-mu (2015-2016)
A program aiming to stimulate constructive youth engagement in Kuwait by promoting the concept of active citizenship and equipping young participants  with the skills and resources needed to make a positive impact in their communities through a combination of training and funding.


STAND (2013-2016)
A program aiming to build the capacity of emerging civil society organizations through the provision of training, funding, mentorship and networking opportunities.


Al Yaal (2011-2014)
A program designed to bring together different stakeholders working under the mandate of preserving and protecting the marine environment of Kuwait through a variety of educational and outreach initiatives as well as sustained and targeted beach clean-ups.


Voice for Success (2011-2012)
A program aiming to promote social activism in Kuwait by giving promising and innovative activists and social entrepreneurs greater visibility through targeted media platforms and campaigns.


Arij (2011-2012)
Through the provision of financial and technical support, en.v helped establish a paper recycling and art cooperative for underprivileged women in Lebanon, Arij.


REUSE (2008-2015)
Both as a yearly event and a program, REUSE seeks to engage a variety of stakeholders from the public, private and civic sectors to foster an appreciation of local environmental challenges and to promote sustainability.


en.v Publication (2008-2010)
As a two year pilot program, en.v launched a quarterly publication gathering original content promoting understanding and awareness of a number of social development and sustainability issues common to the region and making it available to educators and youth in nine Arab countries to learn from, think and question for themselves.